Summer is Here!

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Summer is Here!
The hot season is upon us, which means it’s time to be ready to beat the heat! Arizona summers can be harsh. Let’s get things prepared and make the best of it.
Some of our top recommended tips for summer…
– Watch watering and do half feeding of fertilizer on plants.
– Install sod and plant Bermuda grass. Start on Bermuda now and take steps so it comes in full and before all your neighbor’s grass. (Let us know if you need to schedule an appointment for us to come out)
– Fertilize lawn monthly.
– Regularly check plants to see if they are getting enough water. Check the ground around all plants.
– Deep water your trees. (Ideally, down 12-18 inches in the drip line of the tree).
– Check your sprinkler system. Set timings for the summer season.
– Check your drip watering system often. Make sure drippers are not clogged or popped out because of the heat.
*Note: We are headed for monsoon conditions this year – palm trees are popping seed pods – which is a monsoon sign regardless of what the newspaper says about the calendar date. This means it’s time to schedule your palm (and regular) tree pruning, by calling 602-689-2947.