New Testimonial

Feedback from another satisfied customer…

So excited to be at the finish line. The yard looks great, the work was done with quality, and I am truly pleased with the outcome overall. I would like to specifically call out the quality work done by Jeff. In all of my interactions he was clearly “thinking like an owner”. He didn’t just take my input, he shared his perspective and helped me understand the “why” behind something was being done. 


The team also had great attention to detail with respect to plant placement, lighting setup, and clean up. They were considerate with how they worked around the pool area and even shocked me with having mowed the yard and raking the rocks as they left on the last day. Thank you all for that service. It truly differentiates your team from the work I have seen done through others. 


Finally, happy to schedule a walk through. I am open this weekend, Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon. Let me know what works for you. There is one path light that still needs to be installed but other than that, I think we are done. 


Please feel free to send me a quote for ongoing maintenance and I will see how that compares with our existing provider. 
– Frank P. , Phoenix, residential client