Project of the Month – February 2016

This project of the month included a state of the art bocce court right here in McCormick Ranch, worthy of tournament play! This owner wanted to give their business tenants both a space for relaxing, and a space to release, and we think they hit a home run!

From the planning stages to the final walk-through, we built this project in collaboration with the general contractor and modified our calendar and schedule to make this happen, even working on the weekends and off hours.

This is a true public outdoor gathering space for all the tenants in this business center, and provides a fantastic outlet for them to commune and relax between work sessions. The outdoor courtyard space includes escapes for those who desire either a serene lounge area or want that combined with an outdoor sport area. This is truly a complete 360 degree space!

We have since been contacted by the owners of this court, and will be guest hosting a bocce round-robin tournament for their tenants. As with every project, we provided our “like it was my house” service, and now we maintain this public bocce court, and keep it looking fantastic and ready to play!

BOCCE McCormick Ranch Village at Hayden 1
Custom Bocce Court

BOCCE McCormick Ranch Village at Hayden 2
With surrounding hardscape elements

BOCCE McCormick Ranch Village at Hayden 3
Tenants love the court

BOCCE McCormick Ranch Village at Hayden 4
A game in progress