Grass transition and weed control

Dear Valued Grow Land Clients,
The transition from winter Rye grass to summer Bermuda grass is not going as smoothly as planned this year, and this has affected maintenance clients throughout the industry in the Phoenix Metro area. This is a valley wide problem, mainly due to the excessive amount of winter/spring rain and irregular jumps up and down in temperature. The night time temperatures are the control point of Bermuda growth and Rye die off and they simply have been too inconsistent so far this season to stay on the normal schedule.
We ask that you please be patient during this transition period. We have resumed watering turf and are doing our best to be proactive to what mother nature is giving us.
Along with a prolonged transition period the weather has also created an excessive amount of weed production in both rock and turf areas. The spot spraying we do during regular maintenance, and pre-emergent treatments we offer at an extra charge, have helped curb production in rocked areas we have treated. For turf areas, our maintenance crew hand removes weeds as they show up and apply a weed and feed fertilizer as needed. In some instances hand removal is too labor intensive and some varieties do not die off with the weed and feed application. We have added a turf spray application that will selectively kill the weeds and not damage the winter/summer grasses. If you have not previously received the pre-emergent application or would like to discuss a turf application please contact me for pricing and details.

Thank you for your business!
Tim Verhoek, Maintenance Field Mgr.
Grow Land, LLC
602.697.4628 c.